Third Eye Blind

The follow up to 2018's EP Thanks for Everything, Screamer finds Third Eye Blind collaborating with
Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells ("Screamer"), Ryan Olson of Marijuana Death Squad and Poli├ža ("Who Am I"
and "Got So High"), and the album's musical consigliere, Billy Corgan.
"My current mood resonates with rebellion, energy, courage, and risk," says Stephan Jenkins, on Third
Eye Blind's sixth full length album, Screamer (October 18). "I seek to combine it with a percussive level
of musical immediacy in this collection of songs to cultivate collective idealism and an unapologetic
aspiration towards humanistic values."
"We have always been so insular," says Jenkins, "and on Screamer we adopted an open door policy --
come in, be musical, and follow the song where it takes us."
Going strong for over two decades, Third Eye Blind have broken their own attendance records with
2019's Summer Gods tour. The biggest tour in the band's history will wrap August 3 in Irvine, CA with
Jimmy Eat World and Ra Ra Riot. (Third Eye Blind has offset the tour's carbon footprint by donating a
portion of each ticket sold to a US-based carbon offset project managed by ClimeCo.)
"It's an incredible feeling to be in a good rock band," adds Jenkins. "The gift that's been given to me is
that people view my music as enlivening them."