Low Cut Connie

Since Low Cut Connie's debut record Get Out the Lotion (NPR's Fresh Air Top 10 albums of
2011), they've firmly established their reputation as one of the most exciting live shows in the
US, with Greg Kot (Sound Opinions / Chicago Tribune) exclaiming they are "the essence of
what rock n roll should be" and the New York Times stating "The group's live show is a strange
Adam Weiner's $100 junker piano, named Shondra, is the backbone of their boogie strain of rock
n roll. Recently adding longtime Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings member Saundra Williams, the
result is what Rolling Stone describes as "a mix of Seventies Stones (but dirtier), the New York
Dolls (but tighter) and Jerry Lee Lewis (but Westerberg-ier)...with an extra sense of bareknuckled grit and sonic thwump."
On their 5th studio album Dirty Pictures (Part 2), released via Contender Records, the band
urges all current and former youths: Feel your feelings. Feel sadness, feel love, feel wildness.
Give your feelings away to others and maybe it will lift us up. It's this musical and emotional
literacy that sets the band apart, with their world-weary but life-affirming attitude that inspires
their cult following and notable cheerleaders such as Barack Obama, Sir Elton John, Howard
Rolling Stone recently included Dirty Pictures (Part 2) on their list of the 50 Best Albums of
2018 so far. In his four-star review, David Fricke called the record "a stand-alone triumph of
missionary zeal." In a First Listen feature, NPR Music said, "Across five albums of piano-driven
rock and soul, Low Cut Connie has proven masterfully fluent in the foundational languages of
Western pop, living at the crossroads where the church house meets the roadhouse, or where the
Dew Drop Inn meets CBGB... The blood that pumps through the Philadelphia band's work
comes from a place that's fresh, original, and truly pledged to rock and roll."
With more than 120 shows per year, including stops at festivals like Bonnaroo, Bottle Rock,
Rock The Garden, Pickathon, Newport Folk Festival and more, this little act from Philly
continues to dig in their corner of the sandbox. Low Cut Connie light a fire at every show and
with every record. Dirty Pictures (part 2) reminds all of us, all the little people, to keep our fires
lit at any cost.