Lil Tecca

Performing a distinct melodic trap style but hailing from New York, recording artist Lil Teccais breaking through in 2019 releasing hit after hit and creating a genre of his own.Raised by Jamaican parents inQueens and recentlyLong Island, you can hearthe dancehall influence sprinkled in many of his songs. He first started rappingin his early teens when he got tired of roasting his friend while playing Xbox, and wanted to diss him on a song instead. After making a couple of those diss tracks he had a passion for making songs and knew he was made for it. Inspired by Speaker Knockerz, Chief Keef, and a couple of others, he hasonlybeen taking music seriously and releasing it for a year now. Prior to debuting on the Hot 100 chart with "Ransom," the 16-year-oldrapper gained a following with buzzing hits like "Love Me," "Did It Again," and "Molly Girl.""Did it Again" charted at #4 New& Hot Worldwide onSoundCloud and has over 14million plays at #16 in the Top 50 Worldwide."Ransom" has taken the world by storm and really showcases his catchy melodies, effortless flows, and unique voice. The song currently sits at #51 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 in the world on SoundCloud. The hype around Lil Tecca continues to grow with each new release, and although it'sbeen a yearsince he's been making musiche shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.