Dreamer Boy

Dreamer Boy is the brainchild and musical project of Zach Taylor, based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Zach and roommate/producer, Bobby Knepper, collaborated on their debut project Love, Nostalgia. What started as a passion project with Zach and Bobby quickly transpired into an artistically synergistic venture that found both creative director, Adam Alonzo and manager, Cody Clark, moving in with them during the creation of the album. They aptly coined their home and inventive compound as "The Dream House." This Wes Anderson-hued tea-green house with a symmetrical white porch sets the scene for the crew's pursuit of summer soundtracks and shared fixation for creativity.

"Cowboy Pop" is how Dreamer Boy and his team have dubbed the project stylistically - paying tribute to their Nashville roots, while breaking down and redefining what it means to be an artist living in Music City.

Since the release of Love, Nostalgia in late 2018, the has team has toured with Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, The Marias and with Clairo on her Europe run this past December.

The team is now working on LP2 and is excited to share their growth and evolution with the world in 2020.